Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kedleston Hall (4/17/11)

We are fortunate enough to be about 5 minutes from one of the National Trust sites, Kedleston Hall.  It is similar to Chatsworth but probably down a peg in the hierarchy.  [They did take pride in the fact that the movie about the Duchess was partially filmed here rather than Chatsworth.]

They did a nice job around Easter in that they had a bunny "hunt" in the forest grounds and a chick "hunt" inside the house.  That really makes it more interesting for the kids.

Another benefit of Easter is all the lambs (to see . . . not eat).

Warwick Castle (4/15/11)

We headed to Warwick when the kids both had a day off.  This set the bar pretty high for castles as there were a lot of activities and interaction.  The best was watching a fireball launched from a catapult (trebuchet).   [Sorry, no picture.]  I did snap one at the entrance though.

First outing (4/10/11)

Our first outing was a few weeks ago to the "home" of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire called Chatsworth.  This is about an hour away in the Peak District.  It's a fairly massive house with nice gardens and farm animals that the kids enjoyed.  There was an odd statue or two on the grounds.  Nicole enjoyed posing with this one. 

Alex's favorite was that of St. Bartholomew (inside the house).  I wasn't prepared for all the "how did he get his skin off" questions.  


We'll see if an old man can learn some new tricks.  I have started this blog to share our experiences and travels while we are expats in the UK.  Enjoy.