Sunday, 19 June 2011

Living Large . . . for a while

One nice part of our deal here is that we each get a car with our package.  They must have a deal with BMW because there seem to be a lot of them (there are more over here in general -- must not cost quite as much relatively speaking).

Kuk got her leased car straight away.  I was given a demo car until they had another automatic transmission car in the pool (there are some folks heading back at the end of June).  Well, they abruptly called in my demo at the beginning of the week.  The only auto they had to tide me over was this brand new BMW 520d M Touring Wagon.

It seems huge here and took a trip home to get used to it.  It is much bigger and much nicer than we need but it is kinda fun to live the high life, if even for a short time.  It will likely be the last time I drive this nice of a car.

Fancy, schmanzy interior w/ Sat Nav and other goodies I don't understand.  And, of course, a steering wheel on the right.

Rocking the M badge and everything

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