Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well, we got our first real snow fall since we moved here.  It was a proper snow (about 4").  I haven't been driving in it yet.  They certainly aren't as prepared here.  No plows or salt.  Rumor has it that they do grit (sand) the roads but I didn't see much of that last night and this was one was no surprise. 

Glad it came on a Saturday so we didn't have to be out in it and had plenty of time to shovel out today (Sunday).  I sure hope they get the parking lots at worked cleared or it will be a right mess tomorrow.

Here's our front drive.  Notice that both cars are outside as usual.  The garage is for storage since it isn't internally attached and has a manual door (and both wouldn't fit in anyway).

Our trusty Pink Panther plastic ruler denotes that yes, it was a proper 4" of snow.  I shoveled for over 2 hours since we have a long (shared) drive.  I had to borrow a shovel from the 1 neighbor who has one.  I'll go buy one so it will be sure not to snow again.

No TV reception when we woke up this morning.  Here's the culprit.  That wasn't going to stand between me and the Super Bowl though so I carefully cleaned it off.

Here's Duffield Road (A6) that leads to our house.  Rare not to see any cars.  I think traffic has kept the bulk of the snow off, not any city workers.

This is the long stretch up from the road.  Our house is in the back (winding to the left and then some).  I shoveled this hill and shaved off the high stuff all the way back.  Nice work out.  Felt good to be a productive member of society (for a change?).

The snow actually started last night.  We were headed to the Westfield (mall) to drop Alex off for a movie (and sleepover).  We stayed to watch War Horse and eat at Pizza Express and this was how it looked when we left.  I was smart enough (or chicken enough) not to drive.  I didn't know how the roads would be and not sure how our rear-wheel drive cars would do so we took a taxi each way.  It was a little challenging to find one on the way back but it worked out.

 Nicole was able to make a nice snowman in the back yard.

Skipping back to last week . . . 

Nicole had a group project to work on so I took Alex to nearby Allestree Park.  I was feeling a little cooped up but didn't want to go too far given the less than ideal weather.  January is definitely a non-ideal month since a lot of activities are either weather dependent or flat out closed (even the indoor ones).  We had a nice little walk.

The water fowl (required animal shot) were used to the feedings I would say.  We were ill prepared but there was a small child next to us throwing in some bread.

Typical, at least to me, British.  It was close to freezing and damp.  Nice day for a round of golf!  The park has a golf course in the middle of it.

some good climbing trees -- Alex is obviously going with function over form with the multi-colored coat, red sweat pants and camouflaged boots (wellies)


  1. Very nice. I love the snow pics, especially the pink ruler. How was War Horse? I was hoping to see you thoughts on it. Nice job on getting the blog out so early, I feel like a slacker now.

  2. War Horse was okay, nothing great. Kuk would rate it higher than okay.