Sunday, 13 May 2012


Short entry this week as we had celebrations of sorts on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we celebrated a personal milestone and enjoyed a very nice dinner out at Darley's with our ex-pat friends, the Seppanens.   Darley's is a very nice special occasion restaurant that happens to be close by.  We ditched the kids and had a nice, relaxing meal with good friends.

I'm almost in the picture.  We (or I should say the hostess) were having some challenges with the photography.  At least Jay, Lori and Kuk (and the credit card machine) made it in.

Here was our attempt earlier in the evening.  I'm in the picture but you'll have to take my word for it!  Challenge with the backlight.  She took a couple and gave up.  Oh well.  Not sure I could have done any better.

This was our best dining out experience in Derby.  Unusually attentive staff and fine food.  Kuk got the starter assortment plate.

Roast pigeon with raspberry sauce for me.  Always willing to try new things.

 Sea Bass main for Kuk

Beef for me.  I wanted to see if good beef was a possibility.  It was fine, but I'm going to have to say that it's not the specialty here.  If it didn't wow me here, then it probably won't.

Back to the chef's choice assortment for dessert -- very tasty.  Really enjoyed the evening and hope we can go back some time.

On Sunday, we celebrated Alex's birthday though it's not until later in the week.  Fittingly, he turns 10 like Mr Messi next to him.  We are smart enough to pay professionals for this kind of thing so we went to the Willows Sports Centre for some indoor football (soccer) and pizza.  13 boys from the neighborhood and school joined Alex.  Waiting their turn here.

Here's my feeble attempt to get an action shot.  It was 7 on 7 with 2 twenty minute halves.  The score was a little lopsided but I think they all had fun.

downing some refreshments at half time

waiting for the food

pizza, nuggets and chips!

and finally some cake

You may recall last year (link) where we didn't have much of a chance to put together a party for Alex.  Now that we've been here a year, we finally could.  Happy Birthday (to come) Alex!  I hope you had a good time.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Alex!
    It's hard to believe you're 10 years old ... Seems like just yesterday, your dad had your infant pictures on his desk at work.