Sunday, 14 October 2012

Walking the Hills around Castleton

We decided to try to fit in another Peak District walk before the weather really turns south.  Sunday was looking better than Saturday but Saturday didn't look too bad so we thought we'd give it a try.


The starting point was Castleton which is about an hour away.  We went to Castleton a year ago to visit Perevil Castle and explore a few caves (link) but this time was all about walking/hiking.

The walk we did is in the lower right.  The longer walk to Kinder Scout that Nicole and I did a few week back (link) is in blue in the upper left.  This is on the other side of the Edale valley and one that I mapped out myself -- a first!  I like getting up on the ridge and looking down into the valleys so I thought this one would be good for views into both the Edale and Hope valleys on either side.

The walk was 6.1 miles and took us 3:52 of which 2:55 was actual walking.  A slower pace than normal but you'll see why.  I did pretty well with the route with the exception of the bit towards the end where the track and route aren't aligned (pink and cyan) -- pretty sure we were walking through some private property there (oops).

We had a decent climb (1000' low to high, 1550' altogether) but it was fairly gradual.  We missed the highest peak (Mam Tor) but I didn't want to kill the troops.  The 3 peaks along the ridge at the 3-4 mile point are Hollins Cross, Black Tor, and Lose Hill.

Here we go.  Sunny skies ahead and hills to climb.

Hmm.  Those clouds look ominous.

Clouds behind us as well (looking back towards Castleton and Hope here).

Yep, rain.  We had waterproof jackets and over-trousers (and to a degree waterproof shoes) but we fortunately brought the ponchos as well (glad we did). 

Having climbed a bit, we are now looking back down into the Hope Valley.

Ah, to the top of the ridge.  Happy for the rest and the brief break in the rain.  It never rained that hard but it did seem to follow us around.  Getting rained on wasn't the primary issue.  Walking across the soggy trails and having wet feet was worse.   We have hiking shoes/boots but I'm sure there's some more appropriate gear out there.  Reluctant to splash out for that additional investment though.

Ah, but look at the reward -- a rainbow on the other side of the ridge (Edale Valley).  It was unusual to actually see the "start" of the rainbow touching the ground (pot of gold and all).

farther along the ridge, looking back to the Hope Valley

sheep guarding the other side (Edale valley)

another shot (with sheep dots) back on the Hope/Castleton side

 looking back along the ridge we just walked

 a lone tree -- I saw this from a distance and wanted a picture of the kids next to it, but it was fenced off

girls taking break -- Little Red Riding Hood was starting to lose a little interest at this point

looking back at the lonely tree and more sheep, of course

 pretty much sums up walking in the rain for some

getting closer to home base now -- a view of Perevil Castle above Castleton

 can you see my lonely tree centered up top?

Alex perked up when he realized that we were walking past Hollowford Centre.  He spent 3 days here with his classmates earlier this year.

Small farm store with a petting pen towards the end as well.  Obviously used to being fed.  We passed on that as most were ready to get home at this point.

Even donkeys would prefer to be dry

The stream was a little quick for the ducks due to all the rain.

In summary:  it was a nice route with some good views.  Obviously this would have been a lot better without the rain and soggy trails.  I'm still glad we did it (not sure if the vote is unanimous there).  Today (Sunday) is looking quite sunny so far as I type this up so that's like a poke in the eye.  [Of course, that's all Kuk's fault for preferring to go on Saturdays -- :-)]

I'd like to complete the general area by walking from Hope to Edale but that's 9 miles 1-way.  We can get the train one-way so that's an option but not sure when the whole team will be up for that.  Better pick a sunny day for sure!

Here's a view of Sunday's much better weather.  Alex is kicking the ball while his friends zoom around on bikes and scooters.  Oh well, picked the wrong day for the walk.  Can't win them all.

No slugs on the trail today.  Perhaps it's even too wet (or likely too cold) for them.  However, as I was going to lockup Friday night I saw this blob on the window.

Holy cow, look at the size of that guy.  Even I thought that was a little gross.  He was gone by morning.

Have a good week everyone.

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  1. Nice post, good scenery pics especially the rainbow. Interesting donkey pic - even they are smart enough to get out of the rain.