Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flash / Three Shire Heads & Falconry with Alex

Finally.  The weather warmed up (a bit) and we could get outside comfortably.  Rain was slated for the afternoon so we got up and out for a nice walk Saturday morning.

The starting point was the (tiny) village of Flash.  Flash is a little further west that we typically go in the Peak District so it was nice to hit a different area.  It took about 50 minutes to get there and was a nice little drive.  You could really tell you were climbing up on the drive.

Flash's claim to fame
From my guide book:  Flash is the highest village in England, a place where winter starts early and lingers long after spring has arrived in more sheltered places.  The wind is keen but refreshing and the views are far ranging.  Counterfeiters once carried out their illicit trade in remote farmhouses around Flash and its name has since become linked with any suspicious or "flashy" object.

And we are off.  Downhill first -- that's not really a good thing.  What goes down and all.

Nice blue skies.  Believe me, we don't take that for granted.  Still a little crisp but warmer than it's been.  I think it was 8-9C (upper 40's).

Our sheep friends -- we've missed you.
stumbled onto an alpaca farm as well

a nice little stream

Always fun to walk around lambing season.  I've heard the very cold spring has been hard on the lambs (and farmers) with not as many making it through.   There was some pretty significant snowfall when the lambing season started.

rolling hills and open countryside (and sheep) -- love it!

down one of the trails on our way to "Three Shire Heads" -- still some snow in the distance

rare family shot (as with the lead in picture) -- the bridge marks the junction of the three counties (shires) of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire

look at that snow that still kicking around

stone "clapper" bridge and the beginning of our ascent back up

nice view looking back

nicely done stile close to the starting point

It was great to get out and have a warm-up walk to get us back into the swing of things.  It was about 4 miles and took 2:40 (40 minutes non-moving time -- we had some issues with our "kit" at the start).


You might recall that last March I was able to take Nicole along for a 3-hr falconry experience (link).  Well, it was Alex's turn this year so we returned to the Rosliston Forestry Centre for another visit.  The weather was great with clear skies and temps in the low 60s but it was a bit windy for some of the birds so we did a portion inside.

starting small with an American Kestrel

Alex, of course, thought it was a hoot that I got poo-ed on when it was my turn (supposed to be good luck, so they say)

 and then a barn owl

and an eagle owl (getting heavier now!)
outside with a Harris Hawk (that flew to us)
 happy times -- Alex really enjoyed himself (more so than he thought he would)
she's getting heavy too!

 nice close-up when she was on my arm

Alex got to go first with the huge Golden Eagle


almost 10 lbs -- he needed some help (I had a go as well)
Peregrine Falcon on display 

 I forget that Alex likes to just be a kid sometimes (shame on me), so we spent some time on the playground afterwards.
cool, huh?

This and That

new recipe for the week -- back to good ole Jamie Oliver and his twist on the chicken caesar salad (good as always)

Oh, yeah, someone had a birthday last week.  The candles are blinding.

Have a good week everyone.

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  1. Where did you find blue skies this weekend? I only spotted an hour or two of blue skies. Looks like a good walk.