Sunday, 9 June 2013

Belated Birthday for Nicole and the Seppanens Farewell

Hello, Blog Fans.  Short entry this week -- perhaps you, like me, are still recovering from last week's Scotland entry!

We've had some glorious weather all week.  It's been a shame to be stuck indoors working.  The past few years we've only had a couple of good weeks of summer so hopefully we haven't spent it already this year.

The weather has been nice this weekend as well.  However, with various errands & appointments strewn about, we couldn't really take advantage.  Well, we could have but I "couldn't be bothered".  I guess I'm allowed to be lazy every now and then.

I failed to mention in last week's blog that our day in St Andrews, Sunday (5/26), was Nicole's 14th birthday.  We are fairly laid back with birthdays (perhaps too much so) and even more so with poor Nicole as we tend to be on holiday.  We did surprise her with a few unexpected gifts (books) on the day but knew her party was going to happen this weekend.

Nicole decided to simply have a nice meal at Pizza Express with her friends.  Nine classmates were able to turn up and they all had a good time (as far as we know).  We invited one pair of parents, Andrea and Derek, to join us as well.  We, by mutual decree, sat at the other end of the restaurant.  We had our fun and they had theirs.  Perfect!

Nicole also had a couple of her "mates" (close friends) sleep over as they did last year.  Glad that Anna and Annabel could join her.  Unfortunately, #3 (Phoebe) had a conflict.

Chef Dad once again prepared breakfast.  To mix it up a bit, rather than crepes it was Belgian waffles this time (partly to further justify the huge electrical convertor our friend Lori lugged over for us).  The black cherry pie filling was quite good.

Seppanens Farewell

It was time for another ex-pat gathering at our usual spot:  the Bull's Head in Repton.  Unfortunately, the occasion was to wish our good friends the Seppanens a fond farewell as they repatriate back to the States at the end of the month.  We've really enjoyed having them here during our (longer) stay.  It's been good to share experiences, meals, drinks and activities with them.   The shared walks/hikes, in particular, have been nice.

Jay has also been a huge help for me these last 6-7 months as Kuk has traveled more and more to Bristol for work.  Jay graciously watches the kids for a short while in the morning on those days and ferries Alex off to school so that Kuk can take the early train and I can still get to work at a decent time.  (Nicole can walk to her school from their place).  Thanks, Jay, for making life that much easier.

We will certainly miss them but know that they are ready to get back and start the next phase of life.  Best of luck guys!  (and we will see you a few times between now and when you leave)

Most of the crew from tonight's gathering -- an impromptu photo shoot (sorry for those that left ahead of this)


I had a few food photos leftover from before our Scotland trip but I didn't want them buried in that long post.

I tried a seafood lasagna with a white bechamel sauce for the first time.  It was a big hit.

grilled sea bass with smoked panchetta and almonds -- mmmmmm good  

note that sea bass here is different than sea bass in the States -- what's called sea bass in the States is usually Chilean Sea Bass or Patagonian toothfish and is much thicker, oilier and quite expensive.  Here it is a milder, whitefish similar in texture and size (but not taste) to trout

Chicken Tikka Salad -- this is a repeat but makes for such a good photo (and is a bit of work) I thought it merited a repeat

new dish from J.O:  Sizzling Beef Steak w/ shrimp and noodles

Last but certainly not least, is Nicole's Swiss Roll that she made in Home Ec.  Very good.  Well done.

Keep your fingers crossed for next Saturday.  Nicole and I have a big outdoor challenge.  Stay tuned . . . .

Time to watch the (recorded) Britain's Got Talent Finals.  Have a good week everyone.

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