Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birchover & Stanton Moor (Peak District)

Another Sunday, another day in the Peak District.  Saturday had perfect weather.  We were hoping for the same and almost got it.  No rain, just a little overcast at first.

Today's hike started in Birchover and featured Stanton Moor and was approximately 3 miles (walk #3 in Derbyshire Walks with Children).  The kids really enjoyed it as they were able to climb a few rocks and we enjoyed the change in scenery from some of the previous walks.  From the book:

Stanton Moor is the heather-covered plateau immediately to the south-west of the Derwent and Wye river confluence.  At just over 1000 feet it provides extensive views.  The moor is covered with Bronze Age relics including a circle of nine standing stones and massive isolated stones with climbing holes cut into them.  Birchover village nestles on the hillside below the moor and is mainly involved in quarrying.

The "cork stone".  Alex had the right strength to mass ratio to climb up this rather impressive rock.  In some ways, the rest of the hike was a downer for him after this!

And at the top . . . a poorly framed Nicole can give you an idea of the size of the rock.

I realized that I didn't take any pictures of the ground cover which was quite unique.  I did snap these flowers though.

The next landmarks were the Nine Ladies.  Legend has it that nine ladies danced here on a Sunday (how dare they!) and as a punishment were turned to stone.  Stonehenge it's not -- I was expecting something a little bigger.

A top "Cat Stone" (more climbing -- yeah!)

obligatory domestic farm animal shot w/ baby calf

shaved Alpaca (poodle/giraffe mix??)

We (I) had planned a second hike around Black Rocks (walk #4) as it was on the way back and "only" 2 miles.  For a variety of reasons we decided to cheat and only hike up to the rocks and bag the rest of it.  I'm not such a task master after all.  This is a shot from the top looking down the adjacent town and quarry.

Nicole's turn at the top

more Nicole

a rare couple photo!

Mr. Stinker.  He was pouting because this didn't involve the type of climbing he was expecting.

A random, cool cloud (and to show that we get blue skies every now and then).

 The reward at the end of the day . . .


  1. Is the obligatory cattle pictures your subconscious way of saying you miss steak? I hear there is not a lot of beef eating over there.

  2. We are still city folk who disassociate the walking animals from the grocery store variety. Perhaps it's subconscious!

    We've had beef here. It's a little different but generally okay.

  3. When you say "a little different" does that mean I need to eat steak and burgers here because I will be missing them over there?

  4. "Quality British Beef" isn't quite an oxymoron. It varies and it does seem to taste a little different. You'll be fine.

  5. The flowers are foxgloves; they grow all over the White Peak.