Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weekend Update

Well, blog fans (both of you?), no grand adventure this weekend.  We did have perfect weather (mid 70's and sunny both days) though.  We just got back from a group picnic with other Rolls-Royce ex-pats for a "3rd of July" celebration.  There were 3 other families and 3-4 singles.   It was good to get together with others going through similar experiences.  The site is so large and spread out at work that we don't really bump into the vast majority of the people that work there.

Other bits and bobs from the week . . . .

It's July and the kids are still in school.  Feels weird.  They are handling it well and though they won't admit it, it does keep them well connected with their friends.  I'm glad the timing worked out for us to get here before school let out.

Nicole had activity week this past week.  She got to go to the National Space Centre in Leicester, visit the cathedral and castle in Lincoln, and go to a theme park (Alton Towers).  She was so looking forward to AT and had perfect weather.  Unfortunately, two of the girls she was matched up with didn't like "scary" rides so she didn't get to ride as much as she wanted.  We'll still hit a theme park for her (late) birthday.

Kuk made a quick trip to London for a Women's Conference.  She happened to be working from home in the morning because the public school teachers were on strike (welcome to the UK . . . ).  She had to catch a 3:25 train and left the house at 2:45 (that included parking the car)!  We obviously don't live far from the station and train check in is a little different than flying . . . .  We'll get to experience it as a family in a few weeks . . . .

Well, I got 2 weeks with the sweet, executive style ride but my intended car was ready for me this week and I had to turn it back in.  This one is more in my pay grade though!  It's a nice little BMW 116i (see below).  It's great to have a little car around town though we will need to take Kuk's slightly roomier car for any trips.

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