Saturday, 21 May 2011

Home Away from Home

After 2 months, I figured it was time to get some pictures of the house up.  We are in a hidden cul-de-sac with 3 other houses plus one in front by the main road.  The house next to us is for sale and rent and was the one we preferred (own by the same folks).  We hope it doesn't sell so they don't try to sell ours too.

We really like the area and we were fortunate to get something fairly new (2-3 years) and a good size.  Some may say it doesn't have the charm of some of the other houses (true).  But then again charm is another way of saying quirky old stuff that doesn't work.  :-)

No one parks in the garage.  In fact, the door is heavy/manual and the garage, though attached, does not have inside access to the house.  The house has 4 bedrooms plus a study (so essentially 5 BR).  The yard is quite small and really the only negative besides the tenuous lease situation is the fact that we back into a major road (very loud).

I'll run through the pictures below.  You'll notice a lot of blank walls -- who knows if we will ever decorate.  At least it is functional.  All the furniture is self-assembled IKEA -- what a joy.

Back of the house and my new, trusty Weber grill.  Family room below; master BR above.

Back Yard from Master Bedroom.  Just enough room to kick a soccer (football) around.
Partial view of A38 (major road) from our bedroom.  Summer time (no A/C) will be rough if we can't open the windows at night due to the noise.  It's not worth having patio furniture either.

Kitchen work area.  Nice size. Lots of storage (unusual).

Smallish fridge on left (lower) & oven.  Freezer is separate (not shown).

Kitchen table.  Also notice radiator -- all steam heat even with new house.

Guest room, junk room and sewing room.

Family room ("lounge")
Dining "room".  Notice the nice pictures on the floor!

Entertainment center.  Only TV in house.  Hard to see black on black.  We did bring the Wii.

Master bedroom

Two of 3 wardrobes in master bedroom.  No closets in bedrooms.

Nicole's bedroom -- decent size.

Alex's bedroom -- quite small unfortunately.

Kids' bathroom.  Larger than ours by quite a bit.  We had them put in the shower.

Study with 3 of 4 desks shown.  At least we got the world map up!  Everyone has a computer and a desk.  There are pros and cons to all working in the same room.

Kuk's wreck at the other end.  UK laptop, US laptop, Tablet PC and a monitor.  Sheesh.

This is the for sale/rent sign next door.  The phrase here (and in Spain) is "To Let" which our minds always make "toilet".  That's especially true when the post covers the space in the sign.

All in all we are very happy and fortunate.  Sure, there are some quirks (road noise, water pressure, no screens, etc.) but that's all part of it.


  1. Great post! Nice house! HUGE kitchen! Gotta love no closets (I never understood the logic between that). Doesn't it feel weird to shower with that half door?!? Effective, yet strange. And like you, we always thought the To Let signs said Toilet !!!! Very strange too when it just hangs off the second story wall. For us, we didn't need screens on the windows since there weren't that many flying bugs (plus the way the windows open seemed to discourage flying bugs) ... which we sorely miss the lack of bugs now that summer is coming! Did you have to buy the shades for your hanging lights? I thought it was strange that the bare-light-bulb-hanging-from-the-ceiling was how it came originally.

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. We haven't had the windows open too much yet, but I have heard the bugs are less frequent.

    This house came with the hanging light shades so that was good. We did keep knocking them around when moving all the IKEA boxes though!

    The lack of closets is perplexing. This is new house! Maybe it the whole discouraging consumption, etc. We have 6 wardrobes (!). Our neighbor was a little surprised.