Saturday, 21 May 2011

Inner Cave Man (with better tools)

I've always placed a premium on time given our hectic schedules.  As a result, I've been a gas grill man.  I've had a Weber gas grill since Nicole was born (I remember this because my Dad assembled it while we were at the hospital after she was born.  I always think of Dad when I grill for many reasons . . . ).  I've always wanted to give charcoal a try and moving to the UK was just the opportunity.

I'm still getting the hang of it and have been upping the complexity as I've gone along.  Hamburgers, steaks and boneless chicken at first.  Then a little indirect cooking with a bone-in chicken breast (which they don't sell here -- I had the butcher chop me up some!).  Well, I thought I was ready for my old favorite -- beer can chicken.  This takes about 75 minutes of cooking time and I wasn't sure how the heat from the charcoal would hold up (I did add some at the hour mark).  Also, I wasn't sure it was going to fit in my "57 cm" (22.5 in) grill.  Well, it took 2 beers because the tall boy didn't fit!

It turned out great.  The beer makes if very moist while the skin crisps up nicely (and we aren't generally skin types).  Kuk swears the chicken here tastes better.  Maybe it's the lack of stress (free range)!.   I also mentioned that my new grill might have something to do with it.  :-)  The family absolutely loved it.  The only problem is I don't think I can fit 2 under there.  Kids will have to get nuggets if company comes over.  :-)

On the chopping block . . . 

Ready to be served . . .


  1. The grillmaster here has also switched from gas to charcoal and loves it! We got rid of the gas grill this season! Enjoy! Is grilling as popular in the UK as it is in America? I would assume not.

  2. Grilling isn't as prevalent from what I can tell. I think if it is a weekend and nice weather they will. Not the 2-3 times a week rain/shine like me.

    I'm curious as to why they do not have bone-in chicken around here. It grills so much better than boneless which cooks too quickly. I need to start a trend! I think I can get 10-12 at Costco but our little freezer can't handle that! It's back to the butcher I guess.