Sunday, 15 May 2011

IKEA and Me plus Alex's "Birthday"

We hopefully made our last [major] trip to IKEA this weekend.  We knew we had 1 more in store for us but we wanted to live here a few months to see what we "needed" to make it our last stop.  Kuk set off early Saturday with a list in hand.  Delivery came later that day which gave me/us the time to put it together.  This last load included a dining room table, 6 chairs, a bridge for the entertainment center, 2 more wardrobes, a futon, sewing table, bookcase, and a small table for the hall.  Phew.  Glad that's over.  Pictures to follow later -- I've been waiting to show the house until we were "done".

Bits and Bobs

Despite the IKEA run, we did have a nice weekend.  We went to Pizza Express for a family dinner, chatted with two friends (one at "tea"!) and had a couple of new experiences.

Kuk ventured to City Centre via the bus to get her haircut and shop at the mall.  No issues.  I also got my haircut (2nd time) and walked.  It's a different part of town with a small shopping center.  I took my back pack and stopped at the produce store for some fruit, the butcher and the pastry shop and then walked back.  I felt very European!

Alex's Birthday

Alex turns 9 tomorrow.  It's easier to celebrate on the weekend (and Kuk has a work engagement tomorrow as well).  We were a little subdued (lame?) this year but it turned out really well.  Alex had a friend over for a play date and the two neighbor boys also joined in.  It was a fun day.

We had a small cake tonight as a family.  You may notice the lack of candles.  I covered our lameness by holding up the grill lighter while we sang and he blew that out while laughing.  Alex also got twice as many presents as he was expecting!

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